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DDI drove 10X growth in GMV in 10 months for this B2C firm

Sep 21, 2023


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DDI drove 10X growth in GMV in 10 months for this B2C firm

In order to maximize the huge potential of the Beauty and Personal Care category, a major FMCG company selected DDI as an e-commerce enabler specialist to manage their B2C channel, with DDI growing revenue by 10X in 10 months.


Some brands don’t have the retail expertise for the Indonesian market and their offline distributors also don’t have the expertise and knowledge to help grow their online channels. DDI was able to provide solutions across e-commerce and took on the management of their online B2C channels, maximizing the potential across channels.

The company entrusted DDI to manage a category that was “abandoned” by its previous enabler, and DDI succeeded in growing this category 10 times by developing e-commerce strategies for products, prices, placement and promotions.

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