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E-Commerce Enabler and eDistributorWe Make E-Commerce Work Better

As a leading e-commerce enabler and eDistributor in Indonesia, we offer a variety of services that enable brands to distribute their goods to online retailers and directly to customers.

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E-Commerce EnablerBest-In-Class Solutions for E-Commerce Strategy and Operations to Optimize Sales

Live Streaming ServiceStart Live Streaming and Get Closer with Your Audience

  • Promotion Strategy

    A sales & strategy live stream plan paired with a content promotion strategy to drive audience engagement.

  • Experienced Host and Team

    Maximize live stream engagement by pairing an experienced host whose personality reflects your brand's tone.

  • Interactive Engagement Plan

    Boost live stream engagement with strategic timing, an impactful interactive feature, and real-time audience interaction.

  • Technical Setup

    Elevate your audience experience with a state-of-the-art studio customized to your brand, featuring professional equipment and a seasoned production crew.

  • Pro Live Streams with OBS

    Elevating your live streaming experience with OBS, ensuring high-quality production and seamless delivery across all platforms.

  • Comprehensive In-House Studio

    Elevate your live streams with our comprehensive in-house studio, ensuring top-notch production value.

Distribute to Online RetailersScale Your Online Channels With Distribution Services Across Your E-Commerce Value Chain

Technology For Your Value ChainLeverage A Powerful Tech Stack Built For E-Commerce

With AnyMind Group's completed merger of DDI in September 2023, DDI can now provide implementation and operations support to brands for AnyMind's powerful e-commerce and marketing tech stack.

  • Data Analytics

    Support for implementation of AnyX to centralize data and analytics across sales, inventory, marketing, and more.

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  • Influencer Marketing

    Full-funnel influencer marketing through AnyTag from boosting awareness and conversions to encouraging repeated purchases.

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  • Digital Marketing

    Digital marketing through AnyMind products including AnyDigital for web advertising and POKKT for mobile advertising.

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  • Conversational Commerce

    AnyChat to boost customer engagement and experience, and drive real-time conversations into conversions.

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  • Website Creation

    CMS transfers, site revamps, launching new stores, and more through AnyShop to turn your e-commerce vision into reality.

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