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E-Commerce Enabler and eDistributorWe Make E-Commerce Work Better

As a leading e-commerce enabler and eDistributor in Indonesia, we offer a variety of services that enable brands to distribute their goods to online retailers and directly to customers.

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E-Commerce EnablerBest-In-Class Solutions for E-Commerce Strategy and Operations to Optimize Sales

Distribute to Online RetailersScale Your Online Channels With Distribution Services Across Your E-Commerce Value Chain

  • Order Fulfillment

    We synchronize orders, inventory and logistics services to ensure your customers' expectations are met in as smooth a process as possible.

  • Logistics & Shipping

    We offer secure storage facilities across Indonesia and handle logistics and shipping operations, coordinate transportation and select appropriate carriers.

  • Integration & Technology

    Tap on technology integrations to streamline operations, including a support team for data entry to ensure accurate and efficient data management.

  • White-gloved Support

    End-to-end support across your value chain through dedicated account managers to ensure a seamless, timely and personalized experience.

  • Global Expansion

    Support from in-market teams across APAC for cross-border expansion requirements, go-to-market best practices, and more.

  • Product Sourcing

    We source a diverse range of products from reliable manufacturers and suppliers, ensuring stock readiness across a comprehensive catalog of products.

  • Inventory Management

    We leverage a smart system to manage warehouse inventory, maintain stock levels, monitor product availability, and make timely replenishments.

Technology For Your Value ChainLeverage A Powerful Tech Stack Built For E-Commerce

With AnyMind Group's completed merger of DDI in September 2023, DDI can now provide implementation and operations support to brands for AnyMind's powerful e-commerce and marketing tech stack.

Grow Your Online Business with Us

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