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Our Services

End to end marketplace Multichannel


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Continuous Storefront Enhancement

We understand that your storefront represents your brand. So, we strike a balance between continuously enhancing the looks and merchandising so as to increase conversion. Our creative designer will beautify your product image and create banners for promotion and social media. While our store operations team regularly update stocks, price and add or edit products. For those yet to have an official store, fear not, we'll create one for you.

Sophisticated Customer Service and Order Management

Our customer service team provides a quick response to smoothen customers' purchase journey, whether it's pre-sales enquiry or after-sales complaints. Speed of customers receiving the order affects our store rating, which in turn affects our sales. So we do an API integration with marketplace to ensure orders are processed quickly and order status is updated immediately.

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Best in class fulfillment

Strategically located in Cawang East Jakarta, our warehouse boasts a 4 story racking with a total of 8,000 sqm of inventory space and is equipped with a proprietary warehouse management system so issues are resolved quickly and stock accuracy is at 99.9%. This stock accuracy ensures data-driven stock replenishment and accurate stock availability seen by customers which in turn limits loss sales from Out of Stock.

Analytics and Proven Business Growth Strategy

We maximize conversion funnel by increasing awareness and by developing and implementing commercial strategy. We conduct regular sales analysis and competitor analysis so to come up with the best strategy to grow your business. 

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Smart marketing and promotion

Everyone is scrambling for exposure in customers' tiny phone screens. We help boost your product exposure through eCommerce performance marketing and promotion activities. We continuously analyse to find the best promotions for you to get the best Return on every Spend.