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Official Store Management

We provide end-to-end distribution services that encompass every aspect of e-commerce value chain

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Online Merchandising

Our Key Account team manages Brand’s online sales by developing and executing sales strategy as well as becoming the liaison and help in all matters between brand and marketplace.

Automated Store Operations

No more loss sales from out of stock and no more customer complaints from overbookings. All stocks are updated automatically and new products can be uploaded in all marketplaces in 1-click.

Customer Service

Our customer service team provides a quick response to smoothen customers' purchase journey, whether it's pre-sales enquiry or after-sales complaints.

Performance Reporting

Daily, weekly and monthly report available at your request. 

Swift Order Fulfillment

Partnering with the preferred ecommerce logistics provider, Swift. With warehouses in Jakarta, Surabaya and more to come. Swift is equipped with a proprietary warehouse management system so issues are resolved quickly and stock accuracy is at 99.9%.


Speed of customer receiving the order affects our store rating, which in turn affect our sales. API integration with marketplace ensure orders are processed quickly and order status are updated immediately.

Content Development

We understand that your storefront represents your brand. So, we strike a balance between continuously enhancing the looks and merchandising so as to increase conversion. Obviously, we do so in accordance with your brand guideline

In-App Marketing

Platforms spent millions of dollars on getting traffic. We smartly bring those traffic to your store through platform ads, broadcast chat / promo blast and platform-driven campaigns.

Algorithm-based Inventory Strategy

Utilising smart algorithm to calculate Product Replenishment so to Optimise Days of Inventory and Maximise Turnover

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Distribute to Online Retailers

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Term of Payment

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Account manager to ensure smooth transaction 

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Stock Rediness with

SLA of > 85%

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Promotion or Rebate Claim Management

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Next day Delivery

to retailers

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Dedicated Admin to input data into principal's system

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Some of the online retailers
on our network

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